Si vis pacem para bellum.

Those who desire to live in peace, prepare for war.

Complicated relationships that grow in the jungle of confusing and constantly evolving regulations are the seeds of confusion, disputes, not to mention conflicts. The direction, size and the effects of their escalation are extremely difficult to predict, and further not so easy to master.

The Law Office Sebastian Doniec not only solves complex crisis situations of its Clients, but most of all makes every possible effort to prevent them. An early consultation to a lawyer, arranged before taking factual action, in most of the cases is enough to protect Clients against negative consequences of ill-considered and rash actions. The cooperation with the Office usually results in significant savings of time and money, which are wasted on eliminating potential disputes.

Proper protection of the interests of our Clients is our top priority. Dedication and concern for the welfare of the Clients, patience, flexibility and absolute zest for the desired results is our daily routine.

Vast experience, broad knowledge covering many branches of the law, friendly and efficient service accompanied by reasonable fees are the features of The Office enabling us to live up to all the Clients’ expectations.

The Law Office Sebastian Doniec was established in 2014 on the basis of several years of professional experience gathered by advocate Sebastian Doniec. The seat of the Law Office is Gorlice, a legal consultancy services are provided throughout the territory of the country (including Warsaw, Cracow, Jaslo, Krosno, Rzeszów, Nowy Sacz).

The Office provides its Clients with a full range of professional services related to legal counseling at the highest level. The Office combines individual approach to each Client with a wide professional experience

A wide range of services, their high quality and efficient handling of each case enables us to meet the expectations of both business clients and private individuals.

Adwokatura i adwokat gorlice
Sebastian Doniec, advocate

Sebastian Doniec, advocate, a graduate of the Faculty of Law at University of Rzeszów and the Faculty of Philology (English Philology) at University of Rzeszów; in the years 2006 - 2008 held apprenticeship in the Circuit Court in Warsaw - judicial exam passed in 2008; for several years served as the Registry Judge in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw - XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register.


Civil law

The abundance and diversity of the legal relationship in which unconsciously we go up every day are surprising. A minor current everyday affairs do not require the assistance of a lawyer.
Commercial companies law

Commercial companies law

Individuals wishing to start business activities, as well as the entrepreneurs already operating face the dilemma of choosing an appropriate legal form of business.

European order for payment

Troubles with a dishonest debtor? Doesn’t he want to pay? Does he question the existence of the debt? Has he left for Poland? Don’t you know where your debtor stays? There is a quick and simple remedy: European Order for Payment.

Family law, divorces, alimony

The complexity of life faces our Clients with surprising and unfortunate scenarios. Happy families break up with frivolous reasons, the nearest and dearest become mortal enemies, the parents forget to fulfill their responsibilities towards children.