Si vis pacem para bellum.

Those who desire to live in peace, prepare for war.

Business Clients and institutions

Commercial companies and partnerships, entrepreneurs and institutions are provided with comprehensive legal assistance in the framework of a standing order or in the form of individual orders aimed at solving a specific problem. We provide high – end services related to the creation of new commercial companies and partnerships, the actual transformation of existing entities (mergers, acquisitions, divisions and transformations of companies and partnerships), winding – up, insolvency, as well as to the current functioning of entities.

Detailed terms and conditions of cooperation are individually negotiated with clients. The legal counseling is based on the analysis of clients’ needs and expectations. In order to ensure a satisfactory service The Office cooperates with experts of different specialties, including tax advisors (domestic and foreign).

The offer addressed to business clients includes in particular:

  • providing legal advice and consultation
  • preparing pleadings, motions, lawsuits, complaints, appeals, complaints, appeals and cassation
  • acting on behalf of clients by courts of all instances (including the National Court Register) and by the Supreme Court, as well as by administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court and the bodies of the public administration
  • preparing and reviewing drafts of agreements, contracts, articles of association, memoranda, participation in negotiations and mediation, preparing and chairing Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings
  • preparation of legal opinions and analysis

Legal support takes the form most convenient for the client and can rely on the provision of services at The Office, as well as outside of its seat (at the client’s headquarters or any other place previously agreed), as well as via the Internet.


Civil law

The abundance and diversity of the legal relationship in which unconsciously we go up every day are surprising. A minor current everyday affairs do not require the assistance of a lawyer.
Commercial companies law

Commercial companies law

Individuals wishing to start business activities, as well as the entrepreneurs already operating face the dilemma of choosing an appropriate legal form of business.

European order for payment

Troubles with a dishonest debtor? Doesn’t he want to pay? Does he question the existence of the debt? Has he left for Poland? Don’t you know where your debtor stays? There is a quick and simple remedy: European Order for Payment.

Family law, divorces, alimony

The complexity of life faces our Clients with surprising and unfortunate scenarios. Happy families break up with frivolous reasons, the nearest and dearest become mortal enemies, the parents forget to fulfill their responsibilities towards children.