Si vis pacem para bellum.

Those who desire to live in peace, prepare for war.


Taking into account the specificity of each of the dealt cases, and in particular the expectations and preferences of Clients, the remuneration is negotiated individually.

Remuneration can take the form of:

  • hourly rate - remuneration for services rendered to the Client is calculated based on the actual, effective time spent and a relevant hourly rate; the invoice issued to the client is enclosed with a report containing a detailed scope of activities performed and the real time of its duration
  • lump sum - having been provided with the relevant facts, expectations, deadline and the scope of the task given, the Office presents a calculation of a flat-rate payment for the service, which takes into account the overall workload; the remuneration does not change regardless of the circumstances; when negotiating a flat rate, it is also possible to include a success fee clause in the agreement
  • monthly lump sum - the regular clients are offered a monthly lump sum with a limit of hours from 8 up to 24 (tailored to the client`s needs); in case of the necessity to exceed the number of hours, the work time is calculated according to the hourly rate defined in the agreement, the scope of activities covered by the lump sum includes all and necessary legal services, without any further limitations.
  • The Office also assists in obtaining exemption from court costs.