Si vis pacem para bellum.

Those who desire to live in peace, prepare for war.

Civil law

The abundance and diversity of the legal relationship in which unconsciously we go up every day are surprising. A minor current everyday affairs do not require the assistance of a lawyer. Taking steps, which cause long-term consequences or bear financial burden should be duly considered and prepared by an expert.

The Office provides a range of services designed to duly prepare clients to take legal actions safely, and in the event of the implementation of adverse effects, indicate effective remedies. We act on behalf of our Clients by courts (in ordinary, simplified and separate proceedings), by the Supreme Court, and in mediation and arbitration.

The Office also cooperates with foreign lawyers, among others, the collection of evidence all over territory of the Republic of Poland in order to support foreign proceedings, to set up branches, divisions or representative offices of foreign companies and partnerships.

The specialization covers:

  • the property law (including transaction services to acquire and dispose of real estate, the analysis of the legal status of the property, regulating the legal status of real estate, investment financing, obtaining approvals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the purchase of real estate or shares in companies by foreigners, preparing lease agreements, lease (including rental occasional), transaction support development, legal advice in the process of construction, expropriation, recovery of real estate, prescription, establishing easements (including easement by necessity), infringement of possession, the abolition of ownership, determining whether the content in the Land Register is of the actual legal status
  • contract law (including reviewing contracts, drafting of contracts, participation in negotiations, resolving disputes arising from contracts, franchising, factoring, advice on bankruptcy law, preparing claims during insolvency proceedings, securing debts, enforcement of contractual penalties and claims for damages
  • family law and welfare (including divorces, separations, recognition and denial of paternity, alimony, matters relating to parental authority, division of property, annulment of marriage, incapacitation)
  • inheritance law (including the case of declaration of inheritance, inheritance, fall protection, compulsory portion, the acceptance or rejection of decline, undermining the will)
  • counselling on the law bills of exchange and checks
  • labour law and social security law (including counselling on the employment contracts, changes in the employment relationship, preparation of draft contracts and other instruments under which the employment relationship is created, annexes, denunciations, as well as internal legislation (regulations, statutes, loyalty clauses, competition clauses), consultancy in the field of labour law during transactions merger, acquisition or division of companies, representing clients by the courts in the disputes in connection with claims of resulting from labour law (unjust termination of employment, reinstatement, enforcement of wages and overtime, bullying), advising on termination of employment contracts and redundancy, advising on the employer's obligations relating to the commencement of operations), a case of retirement, pension


Civil law

The abundance and diversity of the legal relationship in which unconsciously we go up every day are surprising. A minor current everyday affairs do not require the assistance of a lawyer.
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Commercial companies law

Commercial companies law

Individuals wishing to start business activities, as well as the entrepreneurs already operating face the dilemma of choosing an appropriate legal form of business.

European order for payment

Troubles with a dishonest debtor? Doesn’t he want to pay? Does he question the existence of the debt? Has he left for Poland? Don’t you know where your debtor stays? There is a quick and simple remedy: European Order for Payment.

Family law, divorces, alimony

The complexity of life faces our Clients with surprising and unfortunate scenarios. Happy families break up with frivolous reasons, the nearest and dearest become mortal enemies, the parents forget to fulfill their responsibilities towards children.