Si vis pacem para bellum.

Those who desire to live in peace, prepare for war.

Advocate Sebastian Doniec,

a graduate of the Faculty of Law at University of Rzeszów and the Faculty of Philology (English Philology) at University of Rzeszów; in the years 2006 - 2008 held apprenticeship in the Circuit Court in Warsaw - judicial exam passed in 2008; for several years served as the Registry Judge in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw - XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, hearing the cases of partnerships, limited liability companies (including publicly listed companies) as well as other entities subjected to the register disclosure; as an advocate provides comprehensive legal advisory services to numerous business entities, including on-going assistance and corporate services, acts in the capacity of legal representative before common and administrative courts, has extensive experience in drawing up and opining on commercial agreements, including real estate agreements, as well as in conducting corporate transformations;

for several years tutored English courses for university students at the University of Law and Management of Helena Chodkowska in Warsaw (legalese and business English); in 2010-2011 completed postgraduate studies in economics at Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw; publishing consultant of Cambridge University Press for the translation of legal language; since 2014 an advocate with a seat in Gorlice (Lesser Poland);

privately interested in English literature, fantasy and science fiction literature (a member of two international associations: Tolkien's Society and The Wizards of the Coast Society); martial arts practitioner (a member of The International Krav Maga Federation), passionate of trekking and cross-country running; married, father of two daughters.


Civil law

The abundance and diversity of the legal relationship in which unconsciously we go up every day are surprising. A minor current everyday affairs do not require the assistance of a lawyer.
Commercial companies law

Commercial companies law

Individuals wishing to start business activities, as well as the entrepreneurs already operating face the dilemma of choosing an appropriate legal form of business.

European order for payment

Troubles with a dishonest debtor? Doesn’t he want to pay? Does he question the existence of the debt? Has he left for Poland? Don’t you know where your debtor stays? There is a quick and simple remedy: European Order for Payment.

Family law, divorces, alimony

The complexity of life faces our Clients with surprising and unfortunate scenarios. Happy families break up with frivolous reasons, the nearest and dearest become mortal enemies, the parents forget to fulfill their responsibilities towards children.